Why develop cloud computing

In the past, we MUST upgrade our hardware and software in order to maintain the corporate operation and it is a pain to do so.

Cloud computing allow us to move our virtual operation system from one hardware to the other without drivers and software upgrade needs.

With this, we can continue to use the same corporate operation system for decade without any form of hardware or software upgrade cost.

Android apps security

Before I share about the Android apps security, I wish to touch on how malicious code(hacker program) was added to the apps for start.

Reverse engineering is a matter of reversing a computer program(apps) back to source code level. Continue reading

About password harvesting

This post is publish on 26-Sep-2013 regards the password harvesting concern.

Business Intelligent(BI) is getting popular in due to business expansion.

In order to gain access to BI, hackers need to gain access and password harvesting become an important process. Continue reading