About Linux Kernel, OS & Distros

Linux Kernel is build from scratch by Linus Torvalds (University of Helsinki student).

Linus used Minix to develop an Intel 386 processor kernel and compile it with GNU C compiler.

This new kernel was named as Linux Kernel.

Linux Kernel is build base on the processor and devices, the function of the kernel is to translate the commands between the input / output devices. And it is just a core component of the OS.

With this Linux Kernel, developers can start to develop their favor OS and distribute it in a form of distros(package)

The rest yours can watch it at below Youtube video:

It is costly to develop an OS and people develop their own distro(version) of OS for a specified purpose.

And than release their distro to open source market for free.

So, not all distro work for any motherboard / server board.

Some distro might be able to install, but some features in the motherboard / server board might not be working in due to driver issue.

For those wish to use free Linux OS, they must have some experiences / have some extra cash for R&D.

For those wish to be problem free, then they had to go for the paid version like Red Hat Linux as Red Hat do provide support / advice regards the driver issue.


Android mobile OS history & milestone

Android mobile is an open source mobile device platform based on the Linux 2.6 and managed by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of carriers, mobile device and component manufacturers, and software vendors.

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Important of IT monitoring

There is 2 major unwanted network activities on top of normal network traffic and it need to be filter off via IT monitoring:

  1. Business Intelligent (BI) is getting popular nowadays to gain advantage over businesses and password harvesting activities become more active in the network.
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